Contract Recruitment

For nearly two decades now, the ZAC recruitment team has been providing the construction industry with full time, permanent employees within the Building Envelope niche sector. Over that time we have built a reputation with both clients and candidates for making perfect matches, in which the skills, experience and career aspirations of the candidate is matched to the long-term requirements of our clients.

ZAC Contract Recruitment

In the 21st century workplace nothing stands still for long, and the same is true of the recruitment business. We’ve been receiving a growing number of requests for contractor staff. Our clients tell us that whilst they still value a permanent employee base, they now require greater flexibility to allow them to respond to changes in the market, and to their workforce needs at any given time.

The Role of the Contracting Agency

The ZAC team is now able to provide contract recruitment as an additional service alongside our permanent recruitment offering. These services include:

Rapid Recruitment of Temporary Staff – where clients need temporary staff to meet a sudden demand, or to fill an unexpected vacancy, we are well placed to draw from our pool of pre-screened candidates. We know our candidates well, and we can offer clients the flexibility they need by providing the skills they require on a temporary basis.

Precision Skills, Fast – maintaining the strength of the workforce is an ongoing challenge for our clients. ZAC recruiters know the Building Envelope sector well, and we have matches for a broad range of expertise amongst our network of candidates. If a key role needs to be filled, we can provide the missing piece of the jigsaw fast.

Contractors for Project Work – we now have a growing number of professional contractors in our database. These are candidates who work on a project basis, and enjoy the challenges of delivering value and hitting the ground running. They take responsibility for maintaining the latest skills, and thrive on maximising their potential.

“Many thanks for all your help throughout the recruitment process. It’s been a pleasure, I haven’t always felt like that in the past with recruiters. Many thanks again.”


The Benefits of Contract Recruitment for Candidates

At ZAC we have always had huge respect for the highly skilled professionals who come to us as candidates. We believe that our temporary contract recruitment services will be an enhancement to our service for:

Specialist Contractors – we can now offer regular vacancies to professionals who prefer to work as temporary contractors rather than full time employees. Once we know you’re looking for work, we’ll be able to contact you as soon as we have opportunities requiring your skill set.

Graduates – if you’re in the early stages of your career, contract recruitment provides a great way to get some professional experience, and develop specialist skills. ZAC recruiters will keep an eye out for opportunities that would suit the skills level you currently have and help you to build your Building Envelope CV.

Professionals in Transition – contract recruitment is a great way to apply your skills in a new area of expertise, or to try out a specific environment which you think you may want to work in. The ZAC team will always match the best person for the contract, but if we know you’re wanting to make a change, and we feel you’re ready, we’ll help you to do so.

An Exciting Departure for ZAC Recruitment

We’re really excited to meet this new challenge in our development, and delighted to be extending our network of clients. If you’ve worked with us before, please spread the news, and if you’re encountering us for the first time, call us today and find out how we can support your career in the construction industry.

Looking to find a job role within the building envelope sector? We’d love to hear from you, call us on 07833 500918 today!