How Much Could a Bad Hire in the Building Envelope Sector Cost You?

We’ve all experienced the bad hiring decision, either as an employer, or employee. It can lead to a difficult few months, damage limitation exercises, and – if your lucky – and agreement by both parties that it’s not working out. But just how much does a bad hire cost the business?

According to a the UK Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), a bad hire can cost your business a fortune – up to 3 times their annual salary – and, in the very worst case scenarios it can set you back millions. Here’s how it stacks up…

1. The Induction Process
You’re unlikely to know you’ve made the wrong choice until after your new employee has gone through the induction process. Onboarding is a is time and resource heavy, if you’re going to do it right, and it requires dedicated staff time which you’re never going to get back.

2. The Management Drain
An employee who isn’t a good fit will make their presence felt by missing deadlines, demonstrating a lack of commitment and spreading gloom wherever they go. This makes management more cumbersome and time-consuming. The danger is that your poor hire becomes an ongoing drain on resources.

3. Loss of Business
Most business thrive on positive relationships, good will, and enthusiasm for the task in hand. When this is going well it’s ‘business as usual’, but take it away and you suddenly notice the lost business opportunities, the low workplace morale, and the complete lack of initiative demonstrated by growing numbers of  staff.

4. The Cost of Non-Compliance
An employee who doesn’t comply with workplace policies, and doesn’t recognise their responsibility to do so could land the business with fines, or the cost of ongoing training which appears to have little impact on behaviour.

Add up the associated, and potential costs around a bad choice made in a recruitment round and you’re looking at losses that far exceed their salary. A large business can withstand the impact of the wrong person in the wrong place, but for a smaller company it could have a devastating effect if it’s not caught early and acted on.

“Many thanks for all your help throughout the recruitment process. It’s been a pleasure, I haven’t always felt like that in the past with recruiters. Many thanks again.”


How Can Professional Recruitment Help?

At ZAC Recruitment we consider recruitment to be as much about skilful marketing, as it it about forensic interviewing skills, and careful selection criteria. Our recruiters bring to the task:

  • Knowledge of the industry – our work is all about meeting, talking to and experiencing the work of candidates in the Building Envelope sector. We don’t start from scratch.
  • Marketing skills – often we know who your ideal candidate would be before they do. We shape job opportunities to appeal to candidates we’d like to consider.
  • An interest in the whole person – we are experienced in assessing whether candidates meet the criteria and would fit in with a specific working environment.
  • Objectivity – when recruiting to a role we have knowledge of both the client and the candidate. We sit outside the specific business environment.

ZAC Recruitment Has a Reputation For Making Perfect Matches

As recruiters of permanent, full time roles to the building envelope sector of the construction industry, we’re aware of the importance of careful ‘match making’. Our aim is always to create long term professional relationships, and to that end we get to know our candidates well before placing them. That means understanding their experience to date (good and bad), the challenges they’re looking for currently, and their aspirations for the future.

Using a recruitment company puts hiring in the hands of professionals, and could save you a fortune. If you’d like to know more about our services, call us today on 07833 500918.