How to Choose the Right Recruitment Agency to Help With Your Job Search

How to Choose the Right Recruitment Agency to Help With Your Job Search

The best thing about being a recruitment specialist is celebrating with candidates when they land their dream job. But it’s also about making sure that everyone has the very best opportunity of achieving that. Many of the candidates I speak to have a few horror stories to tell of their recruitment experiences, which is why I set up ZAC Recruitment in the first place. But I just wonder how many people there are out there who haven’t yet discovered a recruitment agency that works hard on their behalf.

Here’s my 5 tips on how to find the right recruitment agency for you.

1. Choose a Specialist Recruitment Agency

Wading in the shallows of the generalist recruitment agencies won’t yield the best results for you. Specialist recruitment agencies have an in-depth knowledge of your sector. They speak the same language. And they’ve taken time to build up a connections with employers across the industry you’re seeking work in. With a specialist agency you’ll access people with a knowledge and passion for the work you want to do.

2. Check Out the Testimonials

We tend to be well-practised when it comes to checking out the reviews before we buy, and the same applies to recruitment agencies. Don’t assume that just because an agency recruits in your sector, they’re hard-wired for success. Read through the testimonials. You’re looking for people talking about the help they got with applying for their new job. Don’t trust bland cliches, look for detailed responses to good service.

3. Do You Get to Speak to a Real Person?

It horrifies me to discover just how many recruitment agencies never have a detailed conversation with their candidates. How on earth can they know what their employment history, aspirations and next challenges are? A CV doesn’t reveal the whole person, nor does it build a professional relationship. Good recruiters listen to candidates, they take an interest, build rapport and understand your long term aims.

4. Are They Up-Front and Honest?

Beware of the recruitment agency that promises you the moon. Achieving your goal requires clear-headedness, honesty and realism from both parties. Take your time to understand how the agency works, who they work with, and exactly what they’ll be able to do for you. Keep asking questions and taking notes until you’re satisfied. Skipping this stage could lead to a lot of wasted time, which is probably something you’re eager to avoid.

5. Don’t Settle for Second-Best

When you’re looking for work it’s easy to let your self-esteem drop a few notches. The right agency is one that recognises the value you bring to them, and articulates honestly the value they can offer you. Signing up with an agency because it’s easy, or because you think time’s running out, may be storing up trouble for the future. Always keep in mind the amount of time, passion and sheer hard work you’ve invested in your career, to date. Don’t throw it away easily.

At ZAC Recruitment we are committed to finding perfect matches between employers and candidates in the Building Envelope sector of the construction industry. In order to achieve this we always start by getting to know our candidates well. Our work is all about initiating long term professional relationships –  so get the basics right is important.

Looking for work in the Building Envelope sector of the construction industry? Call ZAC Recruitment today on 07833 500918 to find out how we’re different to a standard recruitment agency.