Why It’s a Great Time to Be a Female Applicant in the Building Envelope Sector

The days of gender specific roles and professions are fast becoming a thing of the past – but the construction industry still has a hard time recruiting women to the spectrum of jobs on offer. At ZAC Recruitment, we would love to see the target of 25% women in the workforce being hit by 2020, which is why we work hard to get the message out to young women that it’s a great career choice to make.

Why Don’t Women Choose Construction and the Building Envelope Sector?

The construction industry has an image problem for many young women. All too often it’s considered one of the last male bastions in the UK. Many of our younger candidates tell us that they just couldn’t imagine themselves as part of the the industry. It was thanks to inspirational teachers, networking opportunities, and events like the Women in Construction Summit that they persevered.

Currently, women make up around 12% of the Construction Industry and there is still a gender pay gap to be overcome. The good news is that the Building Envelope sector recognises there’s a skills gap and it knows that it needs to work hard to recruit more women. Many firms are now beginning to actively monitor the gender pay gap and include it in their workforce management strategies.

“The partnership with ZAC Recruitment has provided us with access to resourcing expertise and experience that has allowed our business to develop its ability to meet recruitment objectives. I find Zoe at ZAC Recruitment to be very engaging, dependable and high in integrity. She’s identified several people for our company successfully both short and long term.”


Providing Support and Encouragement for Women in the Building Envelope Sector

We’re currently at an exciting point of transition on the gender issue. Businesses know that they need to develop a more inclusive workplace to attract women candidates. Equally, recruiters need to offer advice, support and encouragement for young women who want to take the leap and become part of a dynamic industry with huge career potential for them. Here are our 3 top tips for women:

  1. Mentors Are Important – the construction industry is changing rapidly, but women are still in the minority. Many businesses are offering women mentors to support them through any difficult situations they may encounter; alternatively there are a number of forums and networks you can join.
  2. Understand You’re Part of a Learning Environment – workplaces don’t become inclusive overnight, it’s a process that requires the input of women employees. We always encourage our candidates to make suggestions, and point out practices that could be improved. After all, it’s in everyone’s interests to do so.
  3. Look for Pioneers – whilst working in the construction industry may be new to you, there are plenty of women pioneers who have written about their experiences. Find out how other women have managed their workplace, and take inspiration from those who have successfully moved into management and leadership positions.

ZAC Recruitment Celebrates Workplace Diversity

For nearly two decades now, ZAC Recruitment has been making ‘perfect matches’ between clients and candidates within the Building Envelope Sector of the Construction Industry. We are successful because what matters to us is understanding the needs of the client, and recognising in a candidate the skills and aptitudes that will meet them. Gender is not a criteria that we apply.

We are excited to be meeting more and more highly skilled women who want to enter the industry. A time of change requires candidates with courage, but the potential rewards are immense. We have no hesitation in encouraging more female applicants in the Building Envelope Sector – you’re badly needed.

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